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Why do companies hire outside professional writers?

It’s a fact that successful companies, large and small, often pay outside professionals to create important texts. Why do they outsource a basic skill like writing? Here are four reasons.

1. Impact

The legendary Joe Sugarman found that changing just one word in marketing materials sometimes dramatically improved customer responses. Indeed, what and how we write directly influences sales and relationships of all kinds. Experienced business writers know what works to persuade and motivate people, what will make your good ideas clear and attractive for a specific target audience. So, especially when the potential benefits or risks are big, many managers seek the help of experts.

2. Efficiency

Professionals can transform your good ideas into clear and powerful texts much faster than you can, producing better results and also saving you time. Outsourcing gives a company strong writing skills whenever needed with no need to employ someone and pay for those skills all the time. Even large companies with good writers on their staff sometimes hire outside professional writers to help them meet deadlines or to handle jobs that requires special expertise.

3. Brand-building

Brands are subtle things, requiring just the right words and just the right tone. Professional writers can ensure that everything you write reinforces your values and identity. Moreover, anything a company publishes, on paper or online, directly influences people’s perceptions of its professionalism. Consciously or not. Well-written texts increase trust in your reliability and dedication to excellence. Texts that are unclear, have errors or are simply written poorly hurt your credibility.

4. Outside view

You know your company inside and out. But maybe you’re too close to the details, too involved in the development of a product or strategy to be able to explain it well to people outside the organization. Is your message clear and convincing for customers or investors? Are there other benefits and arguments that you haven’t thought about? A professional writer can bring fresh ideas and help find words that will resonate better with your target audience.

In short, writing is a key business competence. And good writing is both a science and an art. Unlike talking, where tone of voice and body language contribute to your message, writing requires you to communicate everything in words alone. That’s possible because every word carries with it emotions, associations and precise shades of meaning. Professional writers know how to use all this potential.

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